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Stay Positive to Lose Weight

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One of the more important aspects of losing that excess weight is to keep a positive mind and be positive in everything you do. This post will look at why this so important to the success of achieving your own weight loss goals and what is actually meant by staying positive to make this happen.

When you are in this “can do” mindset, you simply don’t allow any negativity to creep into your thoughts. So if you like, you are crowding out the negative with a constant stream of positivity that spurs you onward and up wards.

Believe You Can Do It

For instance, if you are working with an exercise plan or program to improve your fitness levels and reduce your body weight, staying positive about what you are doing and believing that it is doing you a power of good will boost your motivation to continue and work harder. When you work harder, you naturally lose more weight but more importantly, that belief will spur you on to keep going that extra mile that marks the difference from winners and losers.

On the flip side, when you are in a negative frame of mind, everything you try to do seems harder, less effective, boring and you just lose interest. When that happens, the best will in the world will not help you to get out of bed earlier and get started on your exercise program.

You will find all the excuses you need to skip out today! This is destructive and will scupper your chances of ever losing any weight because you lose the belief that you can do it.

How Dieting Right Helps with Weight Loss

There are many very good reasons why dieting is a very powerful way of not only losing weight, but maintaining a healthy weight and physical appearance for the long term. No need to go into all those reason in this article as they are amply illustrated in the many articles already published here.

But one area I want to cover here is the fact that just grabbing any old diet may not always be the right thing to do and choosing the wrong one can act as a negativity brake on your progress.

Because everyone has different needs and can have a a variety of expectations from any particular diet, it is patently obvious that there is no one-size-fits-all diet and people are better off choosing a diet that best fits with their personal needs and circumstances in life. Choosing that “right” diet is often the biggest stumbling block for most would-be dieters.

To do that, you can either go the professional route and visit a qualified nutritionist or dietitian who can ascertain your individual needs and produce a personal diet that will best fit with what you need it to do. Or you can go the do-it-yourself route and research several diets on the Internet and try and figure out from the material available which one you think will suit you best.

Guarantees Are What You Make Them

There are no guarantees with the second method, although many people do get surprisingly good results from doing their homework and at least getting into a particular diet by first researching and gaining a good understanding of what it is they have signed up with. many don’t take this important step and sign up for a diet they saw on a TV commercial without really knowing what it is they signed up with, often with lackluster or even negative results.

So be kind to yourself and make sure you are dieting right by doing as much pre-investigation as you can on a convenient diet you are interested in trying so that you have a better chance of succeeding in losing weight, which is the whole reason for doing it in the first place.

Set Definite Goals for Losing Weight

One way of getting more from your diet when trying to lose weight is to set yourself definite goals for the amount of weight you intend to lose and how long you intend for it to take. That might sound a little regimented and restrictive, but actually it can be very liberating while allowing you to maximize you efforts into achieving the goals you set. Here’s why it works:

When you set a definite target for the number of pounds you intend to lose and how long it should take, and write it down and put it somewhere you can see it every day, you increase your motivation to hit the target. It’s a purely psychological thing, but amazingly it works for most people who do it.

Good Habits

It has long been known that when you write something down and see it every day, you imprint whatever it is that is written down on your subconscious mind and because of the repetition of seeing it often, the mind sets about a chain of events that makes the thing into a habit. This way, you can literally create a good habit in yourself of striving to attain a target that you set.

Getting into the habit of getting into good habits is a surprisingly positive step forward!

Mini Targets

You can make this process even easier by setting mini-targets along the way. So say your main target is to lose 12 pounds in 3 months, then you would write that down but specify the exact date when the target must be met.

This anchors the target in your mind and makes it definite. Then you make several mini targets, such as to lose 4 pounds in the first month, 4 pounds in the second and 4 pounds in the third. Each mini target should specify the exact end date.

The strategy of setting diet goals is extremely empowering and an excellent way to really boost your confidence and motivation to achieve them. Try it for yourself. You might amaze yourself at what you are truly capable of!

Focus on What You Can Do

What you have to do is to focus on the positive aspects of what you are doing to lose weight. you need to look at all the benefits you will enjoy and when you focus on all the good things about it, you simply crowd out the bad stuff from your thoughts. That is the trick to doing this and getting it right. Don’t focus on the negative thoughts because you’ll just give them more power.

Focus only on the positive and soon you will feel that enthusiasm building up in you, because certainly there is a positive way to lose weight. With that, you will feel motivated and empowered to want to get up and do your exercise program with gusto and really enjoy doing it. that’s because losing weight should be fun and enjoyable and it can be when you keep a positive frame of mind always!

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Dieting with Diet to Go

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One of the more popular diet food delivery programs that makes losing weight about as easy as it can be is Diet to Go. This is a company that provides a very good quality version of the popular diet meal menu that gets delivered to the customer’s home in that there are no processed meals as you get with some of the cheaper diet companies and instead of making you pay for a whole month of food, they do it week by week.

These two big differences sets Diet to Go apart from the rest and make for a very interesting alternative way of shedding those excess unwanted pounds of fat that have probably been hanging around your waistline for way too long! So why should you consider this as an option when there are cheaper alternatives available such as Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig?

Quality Costs More

First of all, you get what you pay for and if you want a better quality meal, you are going to have to pay for the privilege. By preparing and cooking your meals to order and then shipping them in cool packs as opposed to freezing them as you get with some diet companies, you are getting probably the best in terms of meal quality, texture and taste that is possible with a system that still can’t replace that of a good old fashioned home cooked meal, but comes about as close as is possible for a re-heated meal.

The good thing here is that all the guess work is taken out of the diet by providing properly balanced, low calorie meals for a week that include breakfast, lunch and the evening meal with a dessert. There are also various additions that you can order to eat between meals in a similar way to Nutrisystem, but the difference is with Diet to Go you can also opt out and not have them if you don’t want them.

the rest is pretty much similar to the way you would use any home delivery meal replacement program, by heating meals in the microwave and saving time by not having to cook for yourself.

You can easily lose weight this way while not using any of your free time to do it, which is a total bonus for busy working people and moms with families to look after. It also suits anyone else who simply doesn’t have the time or wish to spend time in the kitchen preparing special diet meals for themselves and regular meals for the rest of the time.

More Reasons to Choose Diet to Go

I just wanted to share an experience by one reader who wrote in to let us know how Diet to Go touched her family in a positive way. Here is Jean’s story:

Back at the end of last summer, my cousin decided that she was tired of spending the hottest months dressed up in big flowing dresses that looked like tents because she was so much overweight. Well, as she works at a desk all day and then spends all evening wedged on the sofa watching TV and eating take out meals and snacks, it was no wonder she had gotten to be so large.

So she decided that it was time to find out how she could turn her life around to some extent.

So she read some Diet to Go reviews that she found online and they gave her the perfect solution as she saw it at the time. So she signed up and started the diet, which she actually found to be very easy for her as there was no cooking to do and cooking was something she hated doing.

She also liked that everything was delivered to her home, so she did not have to go out to the stores to buy anything for the diet itself. She also liked that the meals were nicely varied so she didn’t get bored with the same old food that other diets tend to be like and she lost a load of weight.

She was so happy that she ordered the diet for another week, then several more weeks and lost even more weight. She is now in a whole new wardrobe of smaller size clothes and is really looking forwards to this summer when she will be getting into a swim suit for the first time in many years!

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Portion Size Matters!

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If you are on a diet of some description and you are getting concerned over not losing as much weight as you expected to, it may be that you have not yet found the right portion size for your meals. There are lots of people who gained weight over time did so through eating meals that were too large for them.

Of course this is not something that you might notice. This is especially when it happens over time as you gradually become ever more accustomed to eating larger size meals.

Starting a Low Calorie Eating Plan

But when you come to start a healthy diet in order to lose some of that excess weight, it is quite natural to expect to continue eating the same size portions, while you are just substituting the high calorie foods for their lower calorie alternatives. While this kind of plan is basically pretty sound, it can slow down the speed that you reduce your weight simply because the stomach is still used to receiving a large portion of food at each meal sitting.

The way to overcome this problem is to reduce the portion sizes so that the stomach becomes re-educated to expect less food at each meal time.

This is something that many diet meal delivery programs already cater for, as their meal sizes are often a lot smaller than what people are generally used to. It can cause problems in the early days of such diets because the dieter feels hungry all the time while their stomachs are getting used to the smaller portions.

Make Your meals Smaller

There is a way around this problem and that is to eat smaller meals but more of them. Instead of the typical three main meals of the day, try increasing that to five smaller meals. You will find you don’t tend to feel hungry between meals as the time between them is shorter.

You can work with much smaller portions of food remembering to maintain a healthy balance of proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates and unsaturated fats always making sure to include some fiber in the form or raw fruit or vegetables.

Eating less food at each sitting teaches the stomach to expect less food, so it naturally learns this new regimen over time. Your calorie intake may be exactly the same as it was when you were eating three larger meals, but your body’s fat burning power increases as the digestive system has to work more often to process the food spread out over the day.

This is of course highly desirable and leads to a greater number of pounds lost over time too, which is, after all, what you are aiming for.

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Basic Weight Loss 101

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There is a basic level to the process of losing weight that forms that foundation of just about all the programs and plans that are in existence at the present time. Once any person who is keen to shed some of their excess weight gains a better understanding of these basic facts, then they can achieve what ever they start to do as long as they adhere to what they have learned and do not go off course.

The More Tips for Losing Weight the Better

There are probably an awful lot of great reasons why a person who is overweight should take steps to lose some, if not all of the excess pounds by whatever means they can, because the health benefits alone from being at their correct weight far outweigh any excuses they may come up with why they should not. There is certainly no shortage of information available to those that go looking for it and if a person wanted to find a website that provided them with plenty of tips, these are also available.

In fact, there are so many different ways that people can make use of to lose it that there really should be no good reason why anyone is grossly overweight unless they purposely want to be. There will always be the tiny minority of out and out gluttons who have little respect for their health and will just eat anything they want, but the vast majority of people are just not like that.

Most people, given the choice, would like to live in bodies that are fit and healthy for prolonged life and an active and happy one. So it makes sense to find out all they can about how to prevent weight gain, lose any excess weight they are carrying around and then to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of their lives. Because after all, it is natural for everyone to want to be healthy and to look and feel good all of the time.

The three important areas that form these basic tips are already well known. They will appear relatively obvious to you when you read them. But chances are you have never considered them in such a way before. These are:

  1. Healthy Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Mental Attitude

Healthy Diet

The old saying that “you are what you eat” is quite true and not a thing that has just been created by the media to try and sell you something (OK, maybe it has been borrowed for that purpose, but that is not the original sentiment). When you eat a healthy, wholesome and convenient diet in moderate portions at the right intervals throughout the day in proportion to the amount of activity you do during the day, you should not gain weight.

That’s a pretty sweeping statement, but when you analyze it, you’ll see its perfectly true. As long as you are eating enough to fuel your body for the activity level it has in a day, then all the fuel you consume will be used and there will be none left over for the body to store as fat. Once you start eating more than you need, or eating a lot of unhealthy food containing high levels of refined sugars, high GI carbs or saturated fats, then you are going to start storing fat because your body can’t use it all up.


As long as you exercise in sufficient amounts during the day to burn off all the energy you consume through your diet, you will not gain weight.

That’s another a sweeping statement that when you analyze it, you will see it is also quite true. You can’t burn off all the energy (measured in calories, of course) that you have consumed through your diet through exercise each day and store any fat. There’s none left over for your body to store!

It’s when your exercise levels drop yet you keep eating the same levels of food or drinking soda and other unhealthy drinks full of empty calories that you start gaining weight. Even then, it takes time because your metabolism can deal with a lot more than many people realize. But put that metabolism under strain with too much food to process and it can’t cope.

The excess that it doesn’t process get stored as fat!

Mental Attitude

To even begin to work with the previous two factors in your daily life, you have to have the right mental attitude. You really do have to have the motivation to eat right and exercise regularly. If you don’t the chances are you won’t do what you have to do and you will gain weight.

So you see that in order to maintain a healthy body that is at its correct weight, you need to satisfy those three main basics. When you can do that, you can lose weight and keep it off.

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